Sympathy and Funeral Flower Etiquette

1. Where should I send sympathy or funeral flowers?

Most people have their sympathy flowers delivered to the funeral home or church, but you can also have them sent to the family at their home.

2. What sympathy or funeral flowers should I choose?

The most popular choices are arrangements of fresh flowers in a vase or basket, flowers arranged on an easel, and plants in a basket.  Family members usually order the casket spray and any flowers to be placed inside the casket.

3. How can I make the flowers I send look special?

Think about the likes of the person you are honoring.  If you know their favorite flowers or colors, share that information with us so those elements can be featured in the sympathy flowers design.  You are welcome to bring in items that symbolize special meaning for us to incorporate into the funeral arrangement.

4. Can I bring flowers with me to the funeral home?

Yes, but bring the flowers to the flower room usually located at the back of the funeral home, so the funeral director can bring in and place your flowers in the appropriate place.

5. How should I sign the enclosure card?

Use your first and last name. People may know more than one "Cherry" or "Elvis"; don't make them guess who sent the sympathy flowers.  If the sympathy arrangement is being sent by a group of people, you can list everyone individually or sign the groups name, ex. "Cherry's Bridge Club"

6.  Should I include my home or business address?

Yes.  It's called an acknowledgement address and it is printed on the back of the enclosure card.  Even if its your best friend or cousin, please include your address.  Its very helpful to the family to have all the addresses provided to them so they can send out thank you notes.  If the sympathy arrangement is from a group, only one contact name should be provided.  

7. How much should I expect to spend?

That depends on what you order.  Traditional vases and sympathy baskets are priced from $40 and higher.  Plants start at $30.  Flowers on an easel start at $75.  Delivery is additional.

8. What happens to the flowers after the funeral?

Usually plants and sympathy flowers in vases or baskets are delivered to the family's home.  Plants can be designated to go home with a particular person.  Please tell us who when you are placing your order. Sympathy arrangements on easels are placed at the graveside after the funeral.
9.  I didn't hear of a death until well after the funeral.  Should I still send sympathy flowers?

Even if weeks have passed, it's still appropriate to express your condolences by sending flowers.  People mourn long after the funeral; flowers will brighten their day and show the family that you are thinking of them.

Flowers are always a great way to let someone know you are thinking of them, but a kind card or a phone call does the trick too.  



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